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Showit website design that combines creativity + strategy, for those looking to give their purchased template a little more flair, brands looking to create a fully custom visitor experience, and stunning brand imagery that stops the scroll and works for your business.

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Pretty Visuals + Strategy = The Perfect Pair

To stand out online these days, your business needs more than a freebie, cookie cutter template that hundreds of other business owners also have, and the same overused laptop + coffee + laughing off camera formula that floods our social feeds. While each of these have their place in your business journey (i.e., just starting out), in order to truly grow and reach those DREAM clients, your online presence HAS to match!

If you're ready to say goodbye to *avoiding* sending people to your website, or finally have more than the same three overused images to choose from... scroll on!

here's what i can do for you:

Template Customization

Found a template but struggling to customize it? 

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Don't want to sacrifice strategy and function, but need a shorter timeline and scope than a fully custom site? My full template customization service could be the perfect fit for you.

Brand Photography

Let's get your brand imagery upgraded, yeah?

Take a deep dive into your brand to strategize and create compelling images that will connect with your audience and help your business grow. 

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Designer Assistance

Overwhelmed with client work?

Hourly and project-based showit design and development assistance to help you get back to doing the CEO stuff! Offered at hourly and project-based rates.

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Launch in a Day Template Customization

A day dedicated to you, your biz, and your website to get you set up and ready to launch, with help ranging from image curation, updating design settings, and connecting your email freebie.


Kind Words

Meredith has an incredible talent for capturing the spirit of who you are and your business brand.

— nikki chan, style coach

You were so wonderful to work with and the photos are beautiful!

— georgia, gbrwellness

You did a great job making me feel comfortable and I love how you're so thorough with every step of the process! 

— jascha, online business manager


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